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Best Chest Tattoos You Can Opt For – 10

Armor Chest Tattoo

An armor tattoo is mostly considered as a suitable choice for people who represent bravery of the highest level. Armor is a shield that offers protection against various dangers that we can surely relate to. Nowadays, an armor tattoo is combined with different animals, flowers, and other elements to give the design different meanings. Some examples include armor with rose, armor with a lion and armor with a wolf. Such designs come up with various customizing options that you can avail for an enhanced look for your chest.

Game of Thrones Houses Tattoos

Having your favorite game of thrones house crest on your chest wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. If you are a fan of the famous series, you can get a tattoo to support your favorite house. For instance, if you are a Stark admirer, your tattoo will consist of a dire wolf. Similarly, a Lannister fan will have a lion tattoo, and a Targaryen fan will get a dragon tattoo.

Lord of the Rings Tattoo

It would be quite an honor having a tattoo on your chest of one of the most iconic fiction series of all times. If you are familiar with the various popular characters in the series, you will surely consider getting a tattoo of them. Some of the popular choices include Aragon, Gandalf, and the Hobbits. To get the best tattoo, you will have to find a suitable artist who is good with realistic colors and different creative designs.




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