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Best Chest Tattoos You Can Opt For – 11

Bird Tattoos

Different bird tattoos carry different meanings. Birds make up a popular choice for chest tattoos because of the various customization options available. Here are some of the common choices:
  • Eagle Tattoo-an eagle represents leadership, strength, and wisdom. If you believe in such qualifies, the tattoo will surely suit your chest.
  • Peacock Tattoo– it represents kindness, care, and knowledge.
  • Raven Tattoo– these are one of the most popular ones in the bird tattoo category. A raven tattoo describes a personality with traits such as wisdom, peace and a balance between the good and evil.

Hammerhead Shark Tattoos

If you have a great survival instinct and a confident personality, a shark tattoo is a good choice for your chest. A shark also signifies qualities such as fearlessness, power, and gracefulness making it an inspirational tattoo idea.  The shark tattoo suits those individuals who are not affected by emotional difficulties. This is because a shark possesses an emotionless character. If you are a shark fan, you can further modify your tattoo by adding various watercolor shades and other additional elements as well.



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