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Best Chest Tattoos You Can Opt For – 12

The Sands of Time Tattoo

The amazing tattoo design consists of a sandglass surrounded by eagle wings and faces of women. The faces are seen to be on the verge of decaying that indicates the end of time. The design also comprises of roses that further explains that all men will die eventually. The exact meaning of the design is that time is running out, and we have to use it wisely. The tattoo is best suited to a well-toned chest and can be modified with some creative designing options.

Meditating Skeleton Tattoo

The design might seem a bit unusual at first sight. However, it is simple and quite intriguing with a deep meaning. It comprises a simple skeleton structure that is meditating under the bright moonlight. The skeleton appears to be smiling and feeling relaxed. It means that sometimes you have to take out time for yourself to relax. The design also illustrates the importance of sustaining inner peace. The meditating skeleton tattoo is more suited to the center of the chest with various customization options available for you.



World Map Tattoos

The tattoo artist draws the design on the shoulder and stretches it to the chest. It means that the wearer carries a lot of responsibility on his/her shoulders. If you can relate to the deep meaning, the world map tattoo is the perfect one for you. The design is purely black and white. The black portion consists of the area covered by water while the white area represents land. However, you can add a bit of creativity to it by customizing it with different color styling options.

Tiger Tattoos

One of the top predators in its respective environment, a tiger, is the perfect representation of power and strength. It carries a character that also portrays danger, fierceness, and courage.  If you can live up to its reputation, a tiger tattoo will surely be a worthy choice for you. You can find various designing combinations when it comes to tiger tattoos. The most popular is the one where the tiger’s roaring face has red flames all around it.

Gun Tattoos

Gun tattoos make up some of the coolest designs you can find for your chest. While it may seem to possess a negative image, a gun tattoo can also represent some positive interpretations. These include security, power, and honor. You can also use a gun tattoo for representing meanings such as boldness, freedom, respect, risk, authority, etc.
Similar to other categories, gun tattoos also come in various designs and styles that are customizable to certain lengths.
Sometimes, choosing a tattoo for your chest can be a bit difficult. Your preferred tattoo should carry enough value and meaning before it goes on your body. You should be wise and careful in your selection to ensure that your favorite design is worth the pain.

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