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Best Cloud Tattoo Ideas: Ascending Ladder

Ascending Ladder

The ascending ladder is a very simple tattoo showing a ladder piercing through a large white cloud. The artist drew both the cloud and the ladder in a cartoonish setting with a black ladder piercing a white cloud.
The clouds look rich with bright white ink, while the ladder looks deep with its vivid watercolor effects. The artist has left his works meaning up to the viewer’s interpretation.

Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes is a very picturesque tattoo, showing the scene of lightning striking down on the ground. The artist shows the many trees in the area as silhouettes slightly light up after the impact of the lightning.
The clouds, as a dark vortex above the forest, shine brightly with a white flash as lightning exits the clouds to hit the ground. The artist creates a sense of realism through his intense grey color of the clouds, followed by the immense flash of white light from the lightning.
This tattoo shows the power of nature.


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