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Best Cloud Tattoo Ideas: Cartoon Cloud

Cartoon Cloud

With Western animation appealing to both children and adults alike, you can opt for this tattoo of a cloud showering rainbows. The tattoo shows a cloud as it rains down rainbows from itself.
The artist creates the cloud using thin lines to create a cartoonish cloud in black and white. The rainbow holds dull and yet vivid colors, made through watercolor, as they leave the cloud.

Bit Clouds

As video games are one of the most recognizable and influential forms of modern media, it’s no surprise someone would go for this tattoo.

The tattoo shows a black and white, pixilated cloud looking off into the distance. The cloud holds an art style very similar to the original 8-bit games of the 1980s through the artist’s intricate dotwork. Although the tattoo holds no symbolic meaning, it is stunning to look at.



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