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Best Cloud Tattoo Ideas: Watercolor Cloud

Watercolor Cloud

As the name suggests, through watercolor the artist creates a tattoo with eves of clouds around the customer’s arm. With the mix of sky blue, pink and a little grey, the artist creates a mesmerizing pattern of clouds wrapping around the arm.
With the help of new school techniques and paintbrush effects, the artist is able to make the clouds and pattern near lifelike. While the tattoo holds no hidden meaning it is very soothing and relaxing to look at.

The Stormy Sea

The Stormy Sea is another very picturesque tattoo that tells a story without the use of words. The artist shows a ship as it struggles to maintain balance, leans to the side in the midst of a rainstorm. There is great attention to detail throughout the scene.
From the shapes and patterns of the clouds to the men falling overboard, there is detail down to the minutest object. The tattoo while having a monochromic setting is able to differentiate colors and tell a grimdark tale through its dark clouds that surround the ship and its large waves that look down on the many helpless sailors.

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