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Best Wave Tattoo Ideas for Circular Watercolor Wave

Wave Tattoo Ideas

Now while you’re deciding what tattoo to get, currently the most famous tattoos around are wave tattoos. Not only do they easily adjust to every part of the body, they are also one of the most soothing tattoos to look at. Here are some examples of this type of tattoo.

Circular Watercolor Wave

With large waves enveloping a small boat with a ready sailor, the level of detail is simply jaw-dropping. With the use of watercolor ink, the artist creates a rich blue tidal wave close around a small brown boat with a small bright yellow sailor.
To finish off, the artist outlines the scene with a paintbrush style circle on the host’s arm. The scene signifies persevere and hope even in the unluckiest of situations

 wave-tattoo design

wave-tattoo design

Stiff Competition

The artist shows his amazing skills throughout the tattoo, as many crests try to overlap and consume each other. With vivid dark blue dotwork, the tattoo boasts a paradoxical, visually simplistic yet complicated design.
The artist traps the waves within a diamond box to add symbolic meaning to the overall design. The tattoo tells how modern-day competition has lost humanity and sportsmanship all while caged in a box with no escape.

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