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Best Wave Tattoo Ideas for Help Cope with Depression

How Tattoos Help Cope with Depression and Stress

Fast forward to today, modern medicine has left these therapeutic artisans in the dust with enhanced machinery and medicine. However, modern medicine to this day struggles to heal a very peculiar type of illness, mental illness.
In the daily life of an average human being stress and depression are very common and are often the cause of other physical and mental diseases. This is where something as minuscule as a tattoo comes into play. While true therapeutic tattoos can in no way, shape, or form compete with modern medicine, it can help people cope with their mental illnesses with the help of soothing and calming imagery.
Psychologists conducted tests to see how mental imagery and reminiscent images or sounds can affect one’s state of mind. People who have bipolar disorder often move from one mental state to the other randomly.
The test turned out to be a success proving that people with mental disabilities like depression or bipolar disorder can often calm down after witnessing a scent, image or sound from a calmer time.
Now tattoos cannot properly heal depression, it’s not a permanent solution to a mental illness and it sometimes won’t even work under different circumstances. Nonetheless, many people turn to inspiring quotes from their late family members, or just imagery defining their current struggles to help them get through rough times.
Whether it is stress or depression, tattoos can have a certain effect on people under the right circumstances, and can help control symptoms which they otherwise have no control over.



The Negative Sun

The tattoo shows magnificent tidal waves, with crests touching and nearly covering what is a white sun. The linework is impeccable as the artist gives a monochrome feel to what is a dark and grim scene. Viewers can see how the waves nearly cover the sun with their incredible height and beautiful curve.
The artist places the tattoo on the front calf and resonates with a hopeless and miserable world. There is no specific meaning to the scene and is open to interpretation of what the customer wants to feel it symbolizes about them.

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