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Collarbone Tattoos You Can Opt For

Considering the amount of tattoo space on your body, a collarbone tattoo can be a good idea. Apart from your collarbone, there are numerous places where you can opt for getting your favorite tattoo. These include your ribs, ankle, forearms, spine, wrists, neck, hip, etc. it is important to note that the process of getting a tattoo anywhere on your body is quite a painful process. It might hurt more than you expect it to but in the end, a tattoo might be worthy.
The collarbone is now one of the trendiest spots to be tattooed.  It is a wonderful place to be creative with quotes, signs and different icons. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of designs for making your unique artistic statement.  A collarbone tattoo is a lot more than just expressing your personality. Nowadays, it is more like a fashion statement. Most individuals also use such a tattoo to share their beliefs. Other people make use of tattoos for inspiration as well. This indicates that collarbone tattoos are present for a permanent purpose rather than a fashion trend purpose.
In recent times, many celebrities have also opted for collarbone tattoos. A prominent example is of the nine times Grammy award winner, Rihanna who is an inspiration to many. Apart from her songs, she is quite popular for her unique collarbone tattoos.
Here are some of the best designs made for both men and women that you can opt for:-



Mandela Tattoo

A Mandela tattoo can mean many things. It is an excellent representation of balance, eternity and equality. The term Mandela implies a circle that is complete and has no faults. It is a brilliant way to portray your faultless personality. A Mandela comes in different designs that consist of various meanings. It is entirely up to you to choose what the correct representation for your character is.

Arrow with Bow Tattoo

If you have a firm belief in zodiac signs, this tattoo is undoubtedly the one for you. It shows a person who is committed and focused in life just like a Sagittarius is. It is perfect for someone who plans to move forward until he/she reaches his or her life goals.

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