Collarbone Tattoos You Can Opt For | Crescent Moon Tattoo | Tattoo for women

Collarbone Tattoos You Can Opt For | Crescent Moon Tattoo

Clock Tattoos

There are numerous clock tattoo designs that you can choose. For instance, to record a specific memorable event in your life, you can get a pocket watch tattoo. If you want to show your love for someone, a clock with a rose is a beautiful combination for you to consider. Another tattoo example could be of a grandfather clock. A grandfather clock symbolizes a lot of your past. Everyone has some particular memories that last forever, and such a tattoo could be a reminder of their importance.

Dragon Tattoos

A dragon tattoo comes in various sizes, shades, and styles. Each customization represents a different meaning. The most significant one is power and wisdom. Other meanings represent the common and the most admirable qualities of a dragon. These include courage, strength, independence, and confidence. Having a dragon tattoo can also portray your passion for freedom. If you have qualities similar to a dragon, you should consider getting a tattoo on your collarbone.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos make up some of the most popular collarbone tattoo choices, especially amongst the female population. You can find butterfly tattoos in different color shades, designs, and styles that represent different meanings as well.  Butterflies represent good luck, creativity, and purity inside a person. It can also portray a peaceful soul and royalty. Some of the famous butterfly tattoo designs include the Celtic design, Monarch butterfly, and the White Butterfly design.
Such a tattoo can bring out a person’s hidden beauty. If you relate your personality to a butterfly, you can opt for a butterfly tattoo.

Crescent Moon Tattoo

This is usually a less preferred collarbone tattoo option. It is easy to be inked with, and the process is not much painful as compared to other designs. The crescent moon tattoo is a more popular choice amongst the female population. This is because it mainly represents womanhood.  People who worship the Moon are also amongst the ones who get the crescent moon tattoos. A crescent moon is said to portray to growth and creativity as well. Hence, if you are a fan of astrology or like to study stars, a crescent moon tattoo might be the right thing for you.
There are other numerous options as well that you can choose for your collarbone. If you are a big fan of tattoo art, you will be surprised how many artistic designs you can discover. However, to get your collarbone tattooed, it is essential that you seek a professional artist. This is because a professional will always make use of the finest equipment and techniques. Hence, taking this step will ensure that you are not a victim of the numerous dangerous side effects of a wrongly inked tattoo.

Animal Tattoos

Each member of the animal kingdom has a different admirable quality that you can relate to yourself. A rare example is of a deer tattoo. It represents a strong and powerful personality that you can surely relate to your personality. Similarly, a lion tattoo will represent leadership and bravery inside you.
One of the best things about animal tattoos is that you are never running out of options. Another common animal tattoo choice is the raven tattoo. A raven can hold both negative and positive qualities. It mostly represents a mysterious, intelligent and dark personality.

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