Collarbone Tattoos You Can Opt For | The Stark Tattoo | Tattoo for women

Collarbone Tattoos You Can Opt For | The Stark Tattoo

The Stark Tattoo

The massive Game of Thrones wave has taken over more than half of the universe with its exceptional and unique story. If you consider yourself a big fan of the popular series, then why not show it to the world. House Stark has a wolf sign that speaks about its unique qualities. These include bravery, loyalty, and dedication. You should know that winter is coming and as a Stark, you will need a wolf on your collarbone.

Floral Tattoos

Probably the biggest collection of tattoos you can find, floral tattoos are one of the preferred choices for many individuals. You can find sunflowers, roses, tulips and other flower types that can suit your character. For instance, a person who loves and hopes a lot is more suited to a rose tattoo. Similarly, a person who is full of energy and happiness will prefer a sunflower tattoo. Floral tattoos are best for those who are confused about their choices. They offer multiple styles and designs that can add further beauty to your tattooed skin.

The Chandelier Tattoo

If you are looking to be more meaningful through your collarbone, a chandelier tattoo is a wonderful idea. A chandelier represents luxury and class. It is made up of numerous attractive elements such as crystals, candles, and pearls. Such elements ensure that your chandelier is shining and always is the center of attention. Your collarbone makes up a perfect hook to hang a chandelier that shows your bright and classy personality.

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