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Collarbone Tattoos You Can Opt For | Ying Yang Tattoos

Ying Yang Tattoos

Another classic collection of collarbone tattoos, Ying Yang, is something you can opt for. The fundamental meaning of a Ying Yang tattoo design is keeping a balance of all things in life. It also means that each and everything in this world has an opposite. It is mostly a choice for inspiration where people look to promote equality through it. You can find the popular Ying Yang tattoo with numerous customizing options that can match with your skin.

Solar System Tattoo

An interesting fact about our solar system is that each of its constituents has a different meaning. People divide planets into two distinct groups, which are inner and outer planets.  The inner planets consist of Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and Venus. These consistently change their position that means that they affect your mood shifts and habitual changes.
The list of outer planets consists of Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn. Each of these has a slower change in position as compared to the movement of the inner planets. This indicates that they have a more significant effect on your life.  The most common purpose of getting a solar system tattoo is to show your zodiac sign. This is because each planet somehow links to a particular type of a person’s personality.



Dedication Quotes Tattoos

There is no better way to show your love to your family or best friends than with a collarbone tattoo. You can choose from any quote that perfectly illustrates your love and dedication to a particular person. For instance, you select a quote that shows your affection for your mother. You can also pick a famous saying that describes your relationship with your best friends.

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