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Geisha Tattoo Ideas | Indifferent Geisha Tattoos

Indifferent Geisha Tattoos

A full body portrait intended to be on the back of a person, the indifferent is a tattoo that holds great metaphorical meaning. The tattoo shows a young bright geisha as she stands in a gray town with not another soul to see.
She is wearing an oversized signature dress, accompanied by the hair and makeup. The artist shows her holding an umbrella under what is a clear sky with no clouds and a bright sun. The tattoo symbolizes how society creates norms and people who stray away from these norms are outcasts.
The artist shows this message through the beautiful and rich color grading of the black monochrome town and the only thing bright and colorful is the young child standing under the umbrella, while her oversized dress outside the umbrella also shares the same color as the town.




The Sun

Since many consider tattoos art, artists and customers express themselves through the meaning that the tattoo holds. This tattoo shows a beautiful geisha as she holds a child in her hand sheltering it from the dark and dimly lit forest.
The sun shines upon the woman and the baby revealing scratches and bruises all over the woman yet the baby is perfectly fine. Through intense blackwork, the artist tells a story of love unmatched by any other relation through slight red and orange colors, and while the sun shines on the woman and her child, they are shrouded in complete darkness.

Natural Beauty

Due to the pressing issue of global warming and deforestation, this tattoo shows off the natural beauty as well as the beauty of a young geisha without her makeup.
The tattoo shows a woman staring off into the distance as her accessories are slowly falling off. Multiple flowers and branches surround the woman who is standing in the garden. The artist uses intricate linework and boasts impressive realism, yet a traditional feel of the overall tattoo, some colored with watercolors and some with

geisha-tattoo design

geisha-tattoo design

Beautiful Yet Deadly

Inspired by the fictional character Kitana from the Mortal Kombat game, the artist dawns a new setting and garb for the character. As she holds her signature fan blades vertically while covering her face, she also wears traditional geisha dress while standing under a sakura tree while her emerald green eyes stare at the viewer.
The artist takes a more anime approach towards the character, adding different vibrant colors as she stands elegantly beneath the tree sporting a dress with a similar color scheme to her original dress. The tattoo symbolizes beauty but not at the cost of deadliness, and shows off woman empowerment.


Made in traditional Japanese tattoo style, this geisha tattoo is simply stunning to look at. Her signature dress accompanied by her traditional hairstyle and makeup may give a welcoming presence. However, her ruby eyes coupled with the katana that she is holding tell a different story. Her threatening gaze yet humbly welcoming posture is quite deceitful, adding to her humble nature is the light red and blooming gray lilies on her robe with a fan that covers her face till her eyes are barely peeking from it.


Geisha and Her Long Hair

While quite a simplistic concept, the geisha combing her hair holds much greater metaphorical meaning. The young woman’s hair is not actually hair it is a mat with eyes on it.
This is the most metaphorically deep tattoo of all. The matt that holds the eyes symbolizes the expectations that people have of her while she sports traditional dress without the makeup.
Although these are some of the most famous styles and ideas that artists have displayed throughout the years, there are many more out there. Moreover, you should always choose a tattoo based on different things such as meaning, style, and most importantly trends.
You can find many designs at the tattoo artist’s studio. In conclusion, while these are famous tattoos, be sure to choose your geisha tattoos carefully.

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