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Geisha Tattoo Ideas | The Geisha

The Geisha and Her Fan

A very simple design and style, the artist is straight to the point in this tattoo boasting minimalism and elegance. A face portrait at the arm of the customer shows a woman dressed in geisha’s original garb and makeup accompanied by her accessories.
She looks off into the distance with her pale face and large eyes while her fan covers her neck till her chin. The fan holds the name of the customer in Japanese along with clouds in a bright blue sky. The artist puts great detail into the line work as well as the water-coloring of the tattoo that adds another layer of detail to the finished product.



Anime Art

The visual form of Japanese art, anime, is quite famous throughout the world thanks to its unique art style. The tattoo features an anime geisha with extremely detailed hair through linework that holds many flowers and accessories.
Another half body portrait, the geisha sports the traditional kimono dress along with traditional hairstyle. The artist gives the scene a gloomy feel with its dull dark colors. While the scene has no exact symbolism, it is up to the viewer’s interpretation.

Fleeting Geisha Tattoo

A full body tattoo, the fleeting geisha is a unique tattoo with a powerful message. The tattoo shows a well-dressed geisha in traditional garb fleeting through a dark and grim scene.
As the geisha runs, in the background viewers can see the thick clouds slowly exposing the moon, while giving little to no light to the thick forest that surrounds her. The scene symbolizes escape from the norm and mediocrity.
The artist shows this through the dull monochromic blackwork background that surrounds the geisha sporting bright, colors filled with watercolor tattoo method.  The fleeting geisha holds a powerful message of rising from the confines of mediocrity.



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