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Geisha Tattoo Ideas | The Glow in the Dark

The Glow in the Dark

A remarkable work of art, the tattoo shows off a beautiful scene of a geisha standing in the dark. A face portrait, the style, and design yet very simple holds great detail as a firefly partially illuminates the beautiful woman’s face to unfold the traditional Japanese makeup and large gleaming eyes.
Colored in blue, one of the eyes shine from the light of the firefly, whereas the other eye has a glimmer of dark and dull blue color. The artist highlights the entire scene under a lime green hue, making the tattoo very eye-catching.

One with Nature

While this tattoo is another face portrait, it is quite different in its representation and its symbolism. The artist shows a geisha with the signature hairstyle and garb that peaks out just below the neck. The tattoo shows a geisha with a face made of vines and hair made of branches while flowers and leaves are blooming out of those branches.
With bright green and deep brown colors, the artist shows immense natural beauty. The artist also shows the geisha’s face slowly dying as the plants and flowers are slowly withering away. The scene holds great symbolic meaning to conserve the natural environment and protect it


A tattoo with a powerful message, the artist creates a half body portrait of a gorgeous geisha with unusual traits. While her garb and accessories are bright and colorful and she wears the traditional makeup, tears are flowing from her eyes as the woman has her mouth sewn shut.
Through the slight red blood flowing from her wounds, she offers a welcoming smile to her viewers. The tattoo symbolizes oppression and inequality in genders as she is not allowed to speak, she is a statue left to adore and for people to praise.

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