Geometric Shapes White Ink Tattoos | Tattoo for women

Geometric Shapes White Ink Tattoos

Geometric Shapes White Ink Tattoos

This is another popular design for this kind of tattoo. Geometric shapes can represent a number of things. Some of these shapes combine to form a certain symbol. Most of the time, geometric shapes tattoos form a certain pattern that looks like a symbol of a secret society or a group that is highly respectable. This kind of tattoo is usually the most difficult and complex design that can be done by professional tattoo artists. Mirrored shapes create a repeating pattern on the body part chosen by the person getting the tattoo.

Zodiac White Ink Tattoos

Most of the people in the world, if not all, highly believe in their zodiac signs. Believing that celestial bodies affect your life’s future is a practice that goes back Greek and Roman times. Although, not proven true, people have made it a habit to consider their zodiac signs when making life decisions. Getting a zodiac tattoo will remind you of your beliefs and own culture.

Flower Tattoos

This is most common in women. Flowers have this certain appeal that makes it look so beautiful, no matter what form it may take. Tattoo artists all over the world surely have at least one flower tattoo design available because of its popularity. This kind of tattoo can go from a simple rose to a complicated bunch of different flowers to represent what the owner wants to imply.

Star Tattoos

A star tattoo never gets old. During the ancient times, many people highly believe that the stars in their sky play a significant role in their lives. This belief has been around for generations, keeping the practice alive until today. Many people get star tattoos to remind them of this belief, while others also want it simply because the star designs are extremely artistically wonderful.



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