Ideal Placement of a Sunflower Tattoo

Ideal Placement of a Sunflower Tattoo

Ideal Placement of a Sunflower Tattoo

You can place a sunflower tattoo on any part of your body. But since these kinds of tattoos carry such a positive message, it’s totally acceptable to place them on somewhere visible, including the ankle, the shoulder, the arm, or the neck. You can recognize sunflower tattoo designs right away, since they come with a dark center and a bright silhouette. It definitely brings happiness to people who see it.
The more intricate sunflower tattoos appears in bigger surfaces, including the spine, the chest, the back, the shoulder, and the arm, among others. Meanwhile, a smaller sunflower tattoo is best for smaller spaces like the ankles, the nape of the neck, the fingers, wrists, and behind the ear.
The most popular location for these types of tattoos is the foot. They are comprised of various textures and colors. Foot tattoos could both be feminine and masculine – It all depends on the tattoo’s color scheme, shape, and size.
There are also armband tattoos – These are usually wide and large, covering the person’s entire arm. This could be an excellent choice if you’re currently searching for a good cover-up to an unsightly tattoo. Meanwhile, the colorful armband sunflower tattoos are perfect for those who prefer their tattoos large.
One more great spot to put  sunflower tattoo designs in is the elbow. When you get this tattoo at the elbow, you can perform a cool trick that resembles the closing and opening of a flower’s petals. This adds a further appeal to that tattoo of yours.

Average Service Cost & Standard Price for Getting a Sunflower Tattoo

In the US, the average price for a tattoo is $100 per hour. However, there are shops that don’t charge their clients per hour – Instead, they do it by the piece, and this could become both an advantage and disadvantage to the client. A shop always has its own minimum pricing, and even though this pricing could vary, only a handful of them will allow themselves to put a tattoo on you for less than $40. If you’re only planning a small tattoo on your finger, $40 could seem really expensive. However, many of these tattoo parlors actually have a valid reason as to why they won’t charge you with less than the minimum amount. Depending on the location where you get the tattoo, the artist could calculate the final price on the spot.


Maintenance Tips After Getting a Sunflower Tattoo

It’s important to take care of your sunflower tattoo, since your skin is technically wounded and bruised after the process, and could potentially be infected by bacteria. If you don’t take good care of your tattoo, it could look like a mess instead of a beautiful piece of artwork. Make sure to look after it especially during the healing process, so that you get the best out of it.
A mild lotion or tattoo after-care cream also helps protect your sunflower tattoo from bacteria and harmful UV rays. You’re not supposed to wear any tight clothing over your tattoo during the healing process. Do not step out into the sunlight first, but if you must do that, rub on a sunblock that’s at least SPF 30 to keep your tattoo from being damaged.
Keep in mind that a tattoo is much easier to acquire, than to remove. Remember this when you’re still thinking about getting a tattoo. Pick sunflower tattoo designs that you’re fully content with, and holds plenty of meaning. Take extra care of your tattoo, and it could look good even as you get older.



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