Interconnected Sunflower and Butterflies Tattoo

Interconnected Sunflower and Butterflies Tattoo

Interconnected Sunflower Tattoo

A separate group of sunflowers can be connected to each other, when the tattoo artist links them together with musical notes or vines. The only thing that limits them is their creativity, and their imagination. The client themselves could also contribute some good ideas to their sunflower tattoo, so in the end, this tattoo of theirs is completely personalized and looks amazing.


Sunflower in my Sky Tattoo

Even though this is usually acquired on a person’s foot, the sunflower in my sky tattoo is a unique and gorgeous type of tattoo which looks just as appealing on any other parts of the body. The sunflower in my sky tattoo is both stunning and filled with lots of colors. This type of tattoo is very popular with the women.


Sunflower and Butterflies Tattoo

This is yet another tattoo that’s common with females, although men like this tattoo as well – And will even provide them with a masculine touch. This tattoo is highly popular with musicians.


Modified Single Sunflower Tattoo

Apart from the floral type of tattoo, a tattooist needs to make several changes to the typical design, so it could stand out amongst the other types of flower tattoos that they have done previously. So the sunflower’s central disc can be changed into various patterns – For example, you can add a phrase or a word to it, or even place some tribal elements like arrows, stars, anchors, and dreamcatchers, among others. Sometimes the petals of the sunflower are the ones replaced with wings, feathers, or flames. Those who want to find feminine-looking sunflower tattoos can pair them up with elements including hummingbirds, dragonflies, and butterflies as well. This could give even the simplest tattoo a unique look.

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