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Kick-ass Types of Sleeve Tattoos

Types of Sleeve Tattoos

Japanese Sleeve Tattoo

The Japanese sleeve tattoo has long been accepted as a symbol of both spiritual and social status. Although after World War II, the Emperor of Japan was quick to outlaw them since he wants to improve the country’s appearance. And much like anything else that gets outlawed, people began envying what they couldn’t have – Which is what happened in the case of the Yakuza, also known as the Japanese mafia. The Yakuza weren’t the only ones to adopt the traditional art of tattooing – Foreigners did the same as well. The Japanese style sleeve tattoo has a beautiful floral design, a deep meaning, as well as a colorful motif.

Titan Sleeve Tattoo

The complete titan sleeve tattoo is very intricate as compared to other types of sleeve tattoo. It begins from the person’s shoulder, up to the where the wrist is. The arm is a wonderful canvas for tattoo artist, and a good choice for someone who likes getting tattoos.



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