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Meaning of King and Queen Tattoos

King and Queen Chess Tattoos

Chess is a long-standing mind game covering 1,500 years, it utilizes a 64-square board and chess pieces of various values, with the king and queen being the most valuable piece. The game used to be exclusive played by royalties in the olden times. The object of this game is to checkmate the king of the opponent to claim a win. Ironically, in this game, the queen is the most active piece. The queen defends his own king and attacks the opponent.
As tattoo icons, the two chess pieces are attractive elements. They are similar at the bottom but distinctly different at the top. The king piece is more majestic with a highly visible cross on top. Skilled tattooist can exploit the interplay of light and shadows in the pieces or use the alternating black and white squares of the chessboard as design ideas.
Couples will highly admire and be fascinated with the attractiveness and meaning of king and queen chess tattoos. What more if they are aware that in chess, the queen is the most active piece and yet the king is the most important.

King and Queen Finger Tattoos

The simplest king and queen tattoo could speak volumes about the relationship of couples. Lovers with limited budget can opt for this tattoo genre using only the K and Q letters decorated by a simple heart placed in their fingers. Using this design as a means to announce an official relationship is just as meaningful as any complicated and expensive tattoo design.

Meaning of King and Queen Tattoos

The introduction of crowns in king and queen tattoos crucially decides the meaning whether from a viewer or bearer, social or personal point of view. As traditional as the practice, the king, the highest authority in the land, prefers to populate his crown with the most precious ornaments and stones that give supreme value and meaning to the centerpiece.  Each stone and jewel has a unique character and meaning. A magnificent crown signifies not only blessing but also solid authority beyond defiance, which meant treason at the time. Tantamount to absolute power is a strong sense of responsibility that only wise rulers possess.
In the Christian world, the crown of thorns comes to mind as the headpiece on Jesus’ head during his crucifixion. Religious people at the time considered Jesus Christ as the true King. They were the first ones to consider the cross and crown of thorns as religious icons that represented Christ. Today, designers continue the tradition and practice of that representation. Persons who are not religious relate to the design in terms of life struggles, hardships, sufferings or even successes.
Sun sign Leo represent the zodiac relevance of the crown. Leo means lion the king of the jungle. Some tattoo bearers born under the zodiac sign use lion elements in relation to the crown. Others are simply attracted to designs with lions and crowns using them as king and queen tattoos.
Stones embellished in king and queen tattoos require only the most precious ones like the diamond. However, other options to consider, in lieu of pure beauty, are floral arrangement and graceful leaves. The Romans produced unique yet astonishing crowns using circlets of vines and leaves. For edgy, macabre king and queen tattoos, artists suggest the inclusion of skulls. Overall, the design mix will never obviate the message of power whether the look is masculine or feminine.

Ideal Placement of King and Queen Tattoos

The size of the crown does not matter with king and queen tattoos. This is advantageous in choosing the placement of tattoo. Detail will not be a problem with small crowns because the shape is easily recognizable. Small king and queen tattoos make an ideal piece for wrist, back of neck and fingers, larger ones in backs and chests, while medium sized ones in arms, biceps, thighs, legs and even feet.

Preparation Tips for King and Queen Tattoos

Preparations prior to a tattoo shop visit are basic:
  • Avoid alcohol intake the night before the tattooing appointment.
  • Make sure you are healthy and free from colds and fever.
  • Eat a heavy meal before the tattoo session.
  • Bring additional snacks and drinks.
  • Take with you aftercare products like ointments and gauze.
  • Bring books or gadgets to keep you busy on long tattoo sessions.

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