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Meaning of Lion Tattoo

Meaning of Lion Tattoo

A lion is generally a symbol of strength. The lion has certain qualities fit for a king of all the animals. With the lion’s steady gaze and loud roar, any animal will fear him. One of the reasons why the lion is the king of the jungle is due to its ability to turn any animal into a prey. Humans also have the tendency to become as strong as a lion, especially humans with ambitions. If you have a goal to achieve, you will most likely do whatever it takes to achieve that dream. As a human, you also have the tendency to defend yourself from enemies and fight them off for your loved ones.
Another symbolic meaning of a lion tattoo is authority and dominion. The lion is in charge of the entire animal kingdom. The lion is responsible for bringing justice and peace in the animal kingdom as well. Humans, like the lions also govern the world they live in and play as stewards of all the things available in the world. As you can see, humans have uncanny similarities with the lion.


A lion tattoo may also represent wisdom. The lion is an intelligent animal. He supervises the entire animal kingdom with hawk-like eyes. For this reason, the lion is highly compared to humans. When you have this kind of tattoo, people will automatically look at you with respect. They will effortlessly think that you are a person full of wisdom and authority.
For every person, a lion tattoo may signify different things. If you don’t find your tattoo’s meaning above, then don’t worry because these are just the most common meanings and generalizations. You can make your own meaning for your own tattoo. Just make sure that those meanings are relevant to the symbols included in the design.

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