Small tattoos: the 20 best ideas collected in a stunning gallery

The tattoos have been a trend for some years now and over time they have become bigger and bigger. Today, that is not the case. Nowadays, more and more little tattoos are announced. They look discreet and elegant and have their own charm. And not only! Small tattoos have a special meaning for the wearer and are often tattooed as a friendship tattoo. Here we will introduce you to the spiritual meaning of the little tattoos.

Small tattoos – why should you make that decision?

Kleine Tattoos Tattoo Frauen

Small Tattoos Tattoo Women

Are you thinking about getting a small or a bigger tattoo? Small tattoos are the best choice because you can remove the tattoo afterwards or let it sting on it. The tattoos will last forever on your skin, so you should think carefully about the subject and its meaning. A small tattoo is a great alternative for tattoo novices and insecure people. Small tattoos look very noble and can also be very nice accessories on your body! Sometimes the little tattoos show more of your individuality than the big tattoos. Another reason why small tattoos are so popular nowadays is that they can be easily hidden with clothes, for example a tattoo on the wrist is not visible under the blouse.

Tiny Wrist Tattoos – Trend for Tattoos 2017/2018

Kleine Tattoos Tattoo Frauen

Small Tattoos Tattoo Women

If you are a tattoo beginner, we recommend you to choose a discrete wrist tattoo. A flower will look very tender on this tattoo spot. But if you prefer a tattoo symbol that shows your strength and courage, then get a cross, tree or a crown tattoo. A lettering is the perfect choice if you want to print out your personality through a small tattoo.

Lettering Tattoo – small tattoo fonts show great personalities

Kleine Tattoos Männer Tattoos

Small Tattoos Men Tattoos
On the picture above you can see a wrist tattoo again, this time a male tattoo that only describes his courage in one word. Small tattoos are in most cases a single word and can be hope, love or very often the name of loved ones. One single letter is often to be found these days. When it comes to tattoo fonts, we recommend that you write your own message if you can.

Are you looking for several inspirations and tattoo ideas? Then scroll down!

Kleine Tattoos Frauen Tattoo

Small Tattoos Women Tattoo

Kleine Tattoos Pinterest Tattoo

Small Tattoos Pinterest Tattoo

Kleine Tattoos Ideen

Small tattoos ideas

Kleine Tattoos Design

Small tattoos design

Kleine Tattoos Männer Tattoo

Small Tattoos Men Tattoo

Kleine Tattoos Handgelenk

Small tattoos wrist

Kleine Tattoos Kreuz Tattoos

Small tattoos cross tattoos

Kleine Tattoos Handgelenk

Small tattoos wrist

Kleine Tattoos Finger Tattoos

Small Tattoos Finger Tattoos

Kleine Tattoos Tattoo Frauen

Small Tattoos Tattoo Women

Kleine Tattoos Augen Tattoo

Small tattoo eyes tattoo

Kleine Tattoos Blumentattoos

Small tattoos floral tattoos

Kleine Tattoos Freundschaft Tattoos

Small Tattoos Friendship Tattoos

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