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Stunning Ruby Rose’s Tattoos

Previously, tattoos are more common with men than in women. Tattoos had been a symbol for masculinity, for a long time. When gender and feminism equality problems began, some women started to do the things that entails getting tattoos and only men can do before..
Ruby Rose is among the many women who went as bold as getting tattoos, to shout to the world that not only men are capable of having tattoos. She’s actually a multi-talented person who gained popularity. Ruby Rose is a DJ, a model, an actress and was also a former MTV VJ. The signature Ruby Rose tattoos easily come to mind, when folks hear about her. She is among the women who believe tattoos are a form of body art.
As of now, Ruby Rose has roughly 60. It’s quite tough to reach an accurate tattoo count because each symbol coincides with different symbols to form one huge tattoo. These tattoos go with the different areas of the body. Ruby Rose seems to think that her body is a beautiful canvas prepared.


Types of Ruby Rose Tattoos

Apart from being a famous model and DJ, Ruby Rose is famous for her beautiful tattoos. Her tattoos have become part of her fashion statement and tens of thousands of individuals worldwide often admire it. Many people adore this beautiful woman for her boldness. For this reason, there are lots of women who want to get the same tattoos as that of Ruby Rose’s.
Here are some of the most intriguing and adorable Ruby Rose Tattoos that you might like:

  1. Ruby Tattoo

This is one of those Ruby Rose tattoos that don’t need a lot of explanation. The star chose a Ruby gem for a tattoo design to pay tribute to her name. The gem has characteristics that signify Ruby Rose as a person. Ruby (gem) is rare and hard. The Same as the gem, Ruby Rose stands out among several women because she is not afraid to show the world that she is different.
  1. Boxing Gloves

Although Ruby Rose is not a fighter herself, she’s Boxing Gloves tattoo on her shoulder blades. Lionel was a boxer and Ruby Rose isn’t ashamed of letting the entire world know that she supports his livelihood. Lionel may have already died, but to Ruby Rose, her godfather remains with her in the Shape of her boxing gloves tattoo.
  1. Ace of Hearts Tattoo

Although she may not look like it, Ruby Rose is quite softhearted. This tattoo is a direct revelation of her intention to love and her readiness for love.
  1. Just Love Tattoo

This is just another tattoo that shows the romantic side of Ruby Rose. A tattoo is in plain text so that you really don’t need a professional’s help to decipher its meaning. Ruby Rose wants the world to just enjoy and be at peace with other people. It’s likely an advocacy that she is trying to voice out, or a mere message for herself to love.
  1. Danke Schon

Although Ruby Rose didn’t describe it herself, it appears that this tattoo is her message for everybody who helped her get to where she is currently. Many celebrities thank their lovers, families, loved ones and everyone who helped them by expressing it. However, Ruby Rose would like to express it in the form of a tattoo. This is to show the fans that she will never forget to say thank you for all the help and support and that she will be forever thankful for it.

Meaning of Ruby Rose Tattoos

Although there were some arbitrary signs contained in her collection, the other tattoos have various meanings. You can see how deep a person Ruby Rose is, by simply cracking the meaning of her tattoos. Once you know the tattoos, you will never see her in precisely the exact same way as you did earlier.
Externally, Ruby Rose may seem a rebellious woman with a strong character. However, that’s not correct. One evidence for this is her Jean-Michel portrait tattoo. Jean-Michel was an American tattoo artist that had a great relationship with Ruby Rose. Jean and Ruby Rose had a deeper, friendly relationship than the usual artist — customer relationship did. To show how much she enjoys the artist, Ruby Rose had his portrait inked on her shoulders.
Another example of how sweet this young woman is her Crown Tattoo. She put this tattoo on the center of her chest, just a bit below the breast. There’s no better way to express your love to a person than place a tribute to him on your chest.

Ideal Placement of Ruby Rose Tattoos
It’s okay to use Ruby Rose tattoos as inspiration and replicate some layouts for yourself. But it would be great if you know where to put these tattoos and not just merely copy where Ruby Rose placed it. Despite the fact that your tattoo designs are inspired by Ruby Rose, it doesn’t mean you cannot experiment on its placement.
If you do not feel like inking your knuckles, then it’ll look great on the wrists. Your wrist is among the most exposed body parts, so you will not have any problems flaunting your very own Just Enjoy tattoo.
You may also receive a portrait tattoo, but it doesn’t mean you have to copy Jean-Michel’s portrait too. You have to think of someone you want to pay tribute to — someone who has influenced your life in one way or another. If you are a die-hard Ruby Rose fan, then why not use her portrait as a design? This will look good on both shoulders and legs.

tattoos of ruby rose

Ruby Rose Tattoos Preparation Tips
Some Ruby Rose Tattoos are complex, while others are easy. Before you pick a design, you have to create sense of her tattoos first. It would be helpful to really use some layouts that will represent you as a person. Choose only a design that has a meaning for you.
When intending to get tattoos, it is always a good idea to be emotionally and physically relaxed before the procedure. You have to rest well a evening before the scheduled tattoo process. You want to have strength prior to the procedure because it can hurt a little. It would also help bring a friend with you to encourage and cheer you on. Talking with your friend will keep your mind off of the painful tattoo procedure. By the way, it’s a fact that tattoo procedures can be painful, but it is definitely bearable.
Average Service Cost and Standard Prices of Ruby Rose Tattoos
Ruby Rose tattoos aren’t that expensive if you think each tattoo individually. Her tattoos are little symbols and designs that form a bigger picture. Usually, her little black ink tattoos can only cost you $50 — $100. If you would like multi-colored tattoos, you may need to spend a little additional money. Multi-colored-tattoo prices range from $100 — $150.
There are also tattoo artists that charge an hourly rate as opposed to charging piece by piece. Normally, the hourly rate starts from $250 per hour. So the more complex your tattoo design is, the more expensive it becomes.
Maintenance Tips after Getting Ruby Rose Tattoos
Tattoos are wonderful if they are still in full colour or bright (for black ink tattoos). However, there are ways about how you can delay the fading procedure. You just have to perform the ideal aftercare procedures to keep your tattoo like the first time you saw it outside the tattoo shop.
The first thing you need to bear in mind is never to overexpose it to sunlight. Sunlight can be damaging to the skin and to your tattoo as well.
Another thing you have to remember is to keep your tattoo hydrated. You can request your tattoo artist for advice regarding the products you can use. Be certain you apply only a small amount that is enough to moisturize your tattoo. It’s also not good to drown your tattoo with moisturizers because it will drag the healing process longer.

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