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Types of Christian Tattoos

Types of Christian Tattoos

Text based Christian tattoos work well in black, while those with images are more versatile, successfully standing out in both black and color renditions. The realistic style is common in this tattoo genre, especially when portraying the face of Jesus Christ and other biblical personalities. There is always a sense of drama when portraying biblical events and characters, and a good knowledge of lighting is required from the tattoo artist. Objects like the crucifix, cross, dove, fish, water, and other tattoo styles like modern, tribal, geometric, etc.  go together to create new concepts.
The Wooden Cross Christian Tattoo
The strength of the wooden cross design relies in the power of the cross as a highly recognizable design element and the rich texture of the wood. This meaningful is design is so visually and emotionally dominant that it may no longer require the use of color to stand out.


Parting of the Red Sea Christian Tattoo
Any decent Christian should be impressed with the beauty and story behind this tattoo. This mural-like tattoo is an explosion of expressive face, water waves and splashed colors that spill graciously at the outside brims of the tattoo area makes an ideal back piece. Details are astonishing to the point of being lifelike.
Ankle Rosary Christian Tattoo
The winding rosary fits well as a wrap-around in ankles. The circularity of the design catches the attention of the eyes only to leave them wandering within the image and staying long, before exiting. Rosaries give assurances of protection to bearers.

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