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Types of King and Queen Tattoos

Types of King and Queen Tattoos

The crown is a design-friendly image representing king and queen tattoos. It affords the tattoo artist opportunities to expand creative ideas when interpreting a masculine or a feminine crown, and the clever arrangements and punctuations of embellishing gems highlighting the centerpiece. While all of the pieces blend masterfully as design elements, the meaning and tradition behind them are profound as well as the entire centerpiece itself.

King and Queen Crown Tattoos

Loving couples are big fans of this tattoo idea. Crowns are symbolic images of royalty and grandeur, and to couples they signify their undying love and faithfulness. Sealing their unspoken contract with king and queen tattoos is reassuring and motivational. Each member has a crown tattoo placed in highly visible areas like the arms, as if to make an announcement to the world that they belong to one another and no one else.



King and Queen Skull Tattoos

King and queen skull tattoos may have an eerie air to them but on the contrary, these are romantic tattoos for couples. Skulls represent death, and combining them with king and queen crowns suggests everlasting commitment of two lovers beyond death.
Interpreting the design is a challenge to tattoo artists considering the many possibilities of illustrating a male and female skull. The crown is an obvious identification, and the addition of red lips to a female, choice of appropriate hairstyles, and incorporating the letters K and Q are clever ideas.
Keeping the romantic flair despite having a macabre and dark theme sets the true artist and his masterpiece above mediocrity.

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