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Wonderful Sister Tattoos | Pinky Swear Tattoo

Pinky Swear Tattoo

You are not that close to your sister especially if you have never made a pinky promise with her. Your sister is most probably your preferred confidant that you can trust at all times. After telling her all of your secrets, it is quite possible that you might have made her do the pinky swear act.
The pinky-swear tattoo indicates the amount of trust you have with your sister. You can confide in any of your embarrassing secrets and she won’t tell a soul. The tattoo design can also indicate an unforgettable moment between the two you that only you both know. The pinky promise tattoo looks good on the arm or your wrists for maximum visibility.

Tiny Symbol Tattoo

If you are looking for something simple and small then you can consider getting a matching tiny symbol tattoo. One of the best and the poplar options is the semicolon tattoo. It is easy to ink it on your wrist and you can add different color shades to it as well.  A matching semicolon tattoo can describe love and unconditional support for each other in case of emotional difficulties. Your sister can always understand what you are going through. A suitable symbol tattoo can highlight the importance of your support and cooperation in each other in hard times.

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Date Tattoos

This might seem like a very common idea but it can be quite significant in your relationship with your sister. It is normal to find numerous specific dates in a relationship that are quite special. If you like to cherish those memories, you can have the specific date inked on any part of your body. In this way, you will always remember the importance of your sister throughout your life.

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