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Wonderful Sister Tattoos | Sea Shell Tattoos

Sea Shell Tattoos

If you are looking for the perfect ankle tattoo to match with your sister, the seal shell design is your best option. It is simple and attractive enough to show the special link you share with your partner in crime. Apart from its meaning of love for the sea, the tattoo also symbolizes love between two identical souls.

The Powerpuff Girls Tattoo

Who doesn’t love the Powerpuff girls? Despite their differences, these interesting cartoon characters always end up saving the day together. Each of Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles has different clashing personalities that you and your sister can definitely relate. If you are the wise one, you can match with Blossom. If your sister is a bit moody, she can be Buttercup. Having a cartoon character tattoo that you both love can make your bond even more special.

The Crazy Sisters Tattoo

Having a crazy and a fun-loving sister is always a good thing. After all, you can have a permanent companion for all of your parties. To highlight your fun relationship with your sister, the crazy sister tattoo is a brilliant idea. The tattoo consists of a cartoon holding a wired microphone that connects with a similar microphone inked on your sister. The tattoo is best visible on your ankles to show your deep connection with your sister.

Simple Heart Tattoos

If you are out of sister tattoo designs, you can always opt for simple heart tattoos. They are the least painful and probably the easiest to be inked on your body. You can have them behind your ear, your arm, your finger or any preferable spot. They symbolize love and affection that are the primary qualities of you and your sister’s bond.

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